Page Title, Description & Open Graph Updater WordPress Plugin

A free wordpress plugin that allows you to quickly update all of your pages for social sharing and SEO.

WordPress Plugin: Page Title, Description, & Open Graph Updater

This plugin quickly and easily allows you to update your WordPress Page’s Title, Meta Description (for SEO), and Open Graph Title, Description and Image.
Open Graph titles is the title your website will show when shared on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.
The Open Graph Description is the description that will display on social media platforms, and the image is a differentiated image just for social sharing.
This is a quick way to be able to set all of the images without having to edit each page or go to specific website settings.
We developed this plugin after launching more than 10 websites per month and regularly having to go through a post launch social and SEO process. This plugin sped the process up by 5x and also provided both developers and clients with the ability to quickly adjust this content.